12 February 2014

Haircare | Current Routine with Olive Oil

I've gone from olive oil, to macadamia nut oil, to argan hair oil and now...

I'm back to 

olive oil.

I already have a full and more detailed post on how I use this to treat my hair, but I just want to add the following:

It is important to use 100% oilve oil. This magic liquid has become so popular that we have many manufacturers, and as with every other thing that becomes popular in the retail market, there are the fakes. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. In this case however, we don't find fake olive oil per se, but we are robbed of the quantity of actual olive oil in the bottle. What am I talking about? 

Well, not so long ago I sent someone to go get me some olive oil at the store. When they arrived back I just grabbed the bottle and rushed off to do my hair. At the end of it all, I wasn't pleased with the results of my hair. It wasn't as shiny and sleek as usual. I then looked at the bottle of olive oil and discovered that it was actually a mix of olive oil and canola oil. I looked further into the ingredients and saw that it was actually only comprised of 10% olive oil! Of course I let out a huge gasp followed by a release of the words 'no wonder, this really isn't olive oil at all!'. If there isn't much information on the ingredients, you can tell by looking at the colour of the oil. 100% Olive oil is very dark in colour and has a distinct smell. Other oils, such as canola, are lighter in colour.

I then got a bottle of 100% extra virgin olive oil and when using this on my hair, I immediately saw that silky shine I was looking for! Can you say Happy Chappy!? :D

So I'm doing the hot olive oil treatment once a week. For step-by-step instructions, read

 this post !

And that's it! Hope you will try this treatment out. Trust me, it's worth it!

Until next time, have a great day or night, wherever you are!


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