05 February 2014

Fashion | Red Lips and a Gap, Madonna

Red Lipstick.

It's a feeling. It is confidence, attractive and everything sexy.

Then there's the gap. Something that many people will give a raised eyebrow to. 
But ever hear of the saying 'Imperfection is beauty' ?

In the case of teeth gaps, this was definitely considered as a perfect imperfection during the sixties and seventies, when some of the most iconic models showed it off. 

But the person who really made a statement with the gap was the pop queen herself, 


The 'gap' has however re-emerged in the world of fashion and we see it on many celebrities and even more models. 

It has once again become so popular that we seeing it printed on clothing, like the top in today's outfit post. When I first saw it, Madonna, along with 'oh, that looks sexy', popped into my mind. 

So of course it went home with me.

And since we're all about perfect imperfections here, I also decided to go for a perfect mismatch with the shoes. It is so mismatched with the top that it matched. It may take a bit of squinting before you see it but in the end you will find, as I did, that somehow, just somehow, it goes even though it doesn't. Make sense? Yes, no, maybe? Haha, see for yourself.

Top | Mr. Price 
(international shipping)

Shorts |  Kohls

Necklace  |  Mr. Price

Shoes  |   Legit

Accessories  |  Foschini and Lovisa

* End Note - If there is anything about yourself that you regard as a flaw, rather see it as a perfect imperfection. Once you embrace it as a unique beauty, you will learn how to show it off with confidence. And once you master that, others will see it for it is :

a PERFECT imperfection that is beautiful!

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