01 January 2014

Outfit : Tribal Mini Skirt & Tie-front Crop Blouse

Hip Hip, HOORAY!

is here.

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had an absolute fabulous time entering the new year and that the year ahead just gets better and better!

My very first post for the year will be the second look featuring my zig zag tribal skirt:

As opposed to the first look, here I went for something a little more fun and casual while still maintaining that overall elegant chic look and feel.

The way I did it was to opt for a cross body bag instead of the arm/hand held one I previously had. I also went for a semi-sheer crop shirt that has a tie front. And of course my hairstyle is more casual, with it simply being a high side ponytail.

Where it's from:

Shirt - The Young Designer's Emporium

Skirt - See previous post

Bag - Edgars Stores

Shoes - Woolworths

Accessories - Lovisa and Foschini

And that's it!

Thanks for dropping by.

Have a good day, or night, wherever you!


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