06 January 2014

Outfit | Bright Polka Dot Shirt & Floral High waist Shorts

Happy Monday!

no, I mean it, be happy! It's a choice afterall. Got a frown? Turn it upside down.

This day doesn't have to be blue and that is why today's outfit is all but blue:

If one had to describe prints as feelings, I would definitely associate Polka dots with "fun"! 
The shirt in today's outfit, being lightweight with it's tie front and cropped fit, is definitely one to be worn to a fun outing! 
I initially planned to just pair it with a white or blue high waist denim shorts, but decided to be a little more eccentric, and went with this loose fitting high waist floral shorts. A match that would ordinarily not even cross my mind. If you've seen any of my other outfits, you would know that I like to keep it pretty simple. If one piece has any prints, the other must be a solid colour. So here I pretty much stepped out of my comfort zone. 

All part of my style evolution I guess :)

I am obsessed with this set of midi rings by the way.

And here's where it's all from:

Shirt ~ Mr. Price

Shorts ~ Young Designer's Emporium

Shoes ~ Woolworths

Arm Candy ~ YDE ( skulls ) & Lovisa

Midi Rings ~ Edgars

Stone Ring ~ Lovisa

And that's it!

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