23 January 2014

Outfit | Ooh! Chic

um. I completely forgot what I wanted to say to begin this post and if I had something in mind at all.

I find myself in a state of blankness. Just give me a few seconds to roll a piece of news paper and give myself a beating while saying 'Bad Blogger, bad!'.

1... 2... 3

Oh Sh*t, that sure worked!

Talking about sh*t, why does it seem that we always refer to it when we express a moment of grief/unhappiness about something. How is it that sh*t has become synonymous with bad?

Even though at first glance it looks like it may say (and it should literally just take you a split second to realize it does not) 'oh sh*t'  , the tank top in today's outfit actually says

OOh! Chic

If you're looking at it and thinking, what a minute, that looks familiar ( not referring to the saying we discussed above), it's the font. Your moment of de ja vu most likely emanates from this:

Yep, I knew it immediately. It's obviously not exactly the same, but one can definitely see where they got the idea. Just goes to show how things are imprinted in our minds without us even trying. Then again, who wouldn't recognize something similar to the most popular name in Soda history. Oh, you didn't? 
That's ok. My mind gets tired too. J/k  : p

I paired the top with my new and favorite high waist shorts that has fleece-like material and therefore oh so soft and comfy. I love the gold and black buttons. I am also wearing (you'll see later) a puffed shoulder cropped blazer and my black patent leather heels that shows off some of my twinkle toes.

For accessories, I kept it pretty simple with just two pieces of arm candy on each arm, one midi ring on my ring finger and one regular ring on each hand. 

My neck piece means, you guessed it (haha):


Top |  Mr. Price Fashion 
(ships internationally)

Shorts |  China Town 
(chances are very good that you will find it at most Chinese owned clothing stores)

Shoes  |  ALDO

Arm Candy & Regular rings |  Lovisa Jewelry

Midi Ring  |  Edgars

Necklace and Cat eye Shades  |   Mr. Price Fashion

Nails   |   Cherry by Woolworths

Jacket   |   Edgars

And that's it!

Thank you for reading. You are more than welcome to drop by again!

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