21 January 2014

My Beloved Vintage Bikini

In the Spirit of 

Transformation Tuesday 

and in the light of the fact that it celebrates it's tenth birthday this year, 
I decided to do a little fun photoshoot in this dearly beloved 


 of mine!

Before we get to the 'back then' picture, I just want to share a little bit of it's history. 
Actually, less than a little bit. 

I received this white bikini with floral print on the left breast and on the upper left corner of the bottom piece, for my birthday, ten years ago

I guess I could be happy that it still fits! But even though it does, that is not the reason as to why it still has a spot in my wardrobe and probably always will (even if it doesn't fit). The reason is that it was given to me by someone very special and there is therefore lots of sentimental value attached to it. 

And to me there is nothing more valuable than that.

So with lots of love in my heart, I had so much fun here:

And now, for the much anticipated 'ten years ago' picture:

Oh ya, I still had a belly ring back then :D

End note:

I was looking for similar bikini's online and I was once again reminded how the fashion industry can make us girls feel, well, bad about ourselves.
Every picture I came across in bikini adverts made me feel like I have a fat belly and thighs. And I know I don't. And even if I did, so what? After all, as so beautifully sung by the band Freshly Ground:

' Even though I've got Fat thighs, Flabby arms, a Pot Belly still gives good loving '

But it just goes to show that we really need more regular looking models to show us what the real people will look like ;) What do you think? I wonder if it will ever change. Sigh.

Anyhoo, so it seems this bikini is so old school that I couldn't even find something similar.


Guess it's now a 'one-of-a-kind' ;)

Well, thanks for dropping by! I hope you enjoyed your visit and will drop by again.

Have a good day, or night, wherever you are!


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