22 November 2013

Stylishly casual in Earth Tones with Pops of Gold

Today's outfit was brought about during a wardrobe 'clean-up'. I was emptying out my wardrobe of any clothes I no longer wear when I came across this dress, which I got more than a year ago and only wore once! I thought that my new and cute little brown pleather crossbody bag would go lovely with it.

For accessories I went with gold since it stands out nicely against the earth tones.

The shoes. Oooh those shoes. It's ironic that I ended up choosing these leopard printed chiffon ankle wraps as it too is something I've had over a year and only wore.. yep, you guessed it... once!

As mentioned above, I've had the dress and shoes for over a year, but find a similar dress herehere

Arm Candy from Lovisa

Bag from Edgars

Neck Candy from Woolworths

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