29 November 2013

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque Review

So I just scooped out the very last bit of my 500ml (16.9 fl.oz.) Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask while washing my hair. Do I want to restock? Let's see, shall we.

For those of you who have not read my DIY Olive Oil hair Treatment, let me quote the brief history I gave on my hair:

"After a bad hair colouring job, my hair was close to fried. Dry, brittle and breaking off. I always had very long hair and the times that I cut it, it grew back fast. With the damage however, it didn't appear to be growing. Although I think it was. I just didn't see it because it grew slower and the ends were breaking off continuously." 

I was distressed to say the least. While doing my research on hair repair remedies, I came across this product. Every review I read and watched on YouTube was positive. But because it was a tad bit pricey, I opted to go for the DIY Olive Oil treatment instead, and while the olive oil was doing a great job, I eventually gave in and purchased the Macadamia Oil just to see if it was really as wonderful as it was made out to be.

I used it a couple of times and I am going to be honest, I wasn't as satisfied with the results as I was with the Olive Oil. While I found that my hair was very soft and manageable, it wasn't as sleek and shiny. Sooo, I stopped using it and continued with the Olive Oil. A couple of months into the olive oil, however, I came across the Moroccan Argon oil and started using that. I found that to be about on par with the olive oil where the results were concerned. It could however be because it is also an oil, hence the more shiny results. The Macadamia is merely a repair masque that is applied during the wash and rinsed out.

But I decided to give the Macadamia another chance when I ran out of the Argan oil. I have to say that I became more and more impressed with the results as I used it. I realized that I may just have been too in a hurry to see results when I first used it. I didn't consider the extent of damage my hair had at the time. 
As soon as I apply it in the shower, I can immediately feel the softness in my hair. And this softness stays! As for the shine, I applied a little bit of coconut hair oil to my damp hair before drying and styling, thereby being left with super soft AND shiny hair.

So will I be restocking? For sure! I really love that soft and light feeling it gives my hair. I will not however say that it is better than the Argan and Olive oil, but it is definitely on par with them. So really, any one of the three will do me just fine!

My hair has definitely benefited from these treatments. It has grown and continues to grow lovely and just looks much more healthy!

Hope this review helped!

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