16 October 2013

Fashion 2013 Trend : Crop Tops

Fall may have dawned upon some of you, but that doesn't mean you have to let go of one of Summer's hottest trends just yet. That is because CROP TOPS have made its way into the fall wardrobe must-have list as well!

The way to go with crop tops during fall as opposed to summer, are longer sleeves and warm fabrics. 
As far as the styling goes, that is not too different from how it was done in summer. High waist bottoms are most popular and when the fall weather calls for it, we can add another layer, such as a jacket or kimono on top. A pair of stockings or leggings and trendy fall boots will be perfect to round off your fall look.

In my featured look, I am wearing a long-sleeved cropped turtle neck top. It also features another hot summer trend that crossed the season border into fall, which is stripes. I paired it with a chiffon flare skirt, which choice was actually second to a fitted bodycon skirt. But I felt for something more outgoing and playfully casual, so I went with the flared skirt. It felt a bit less formal than the bodycon skirt. Turtle necks are actually one of fall's hot new trends as well. You could wear a pair of stocking/leggings too.

and that's a rap!

I have had all items worn in this outfit for a good year already so this post was purely for informative and inspirational purposes.

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