03 September 2013

Monochrome Outfit 2 : Diamonds and Sheer

Ever hear the saying
 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' ?

Of course you have.

Well I hope that the girl who agrees will be satisfied with just diamond prints because it makes for a good fashion piece! 

This print stems from the popular 60's summer trend. We're talking shapes. Geometric shapes. And doesn't our little diamonds just fit the plot perfectly. 

The shirt actually sports a pussy bow but I tucked it away hehe

I styled my hair in what I think to be similar to the way the 60's girls use to rock it. Although mine is not nearly as high and rounded. Oh well, it's just a more conservative approach to it :) Although I wouldn't mind those huge bee-hives!

My nails were inspired by the design seen on Lana del Rey in her music video 'Born to die.'

Only this take was done in black and gold instead of the red and gold on which I posted a tutorial.

I kept the accessories simple with my geometrically shaped gold and white ring and gold studded bracelet.

With the shirt I wore a regular black High Waist Shorts.

To round it all off, I wore my favorite black patent leather open toed heels.

shirt from MRP
find similar here at ASOS
and here on ebay

high waist shorts from Edgars

shoes from ALDO

ring from Lovisa

bracelet from Foschini

To end off, here is a list of RULES to live Outside of the Box. In other words, to live a free and happy life:

1. Always be willing to think for yourself.

2. Never live your life based on the uninformed or
negative opinions of others.

3. Always be open to new ideas.

4. Associate with other people who think for themselves
and are successful in life.

5. If you find yourself "going along with the crowd,"
always ask yourself where the crowd is going.

6. Make the decision to believe in yourself, no matter what.

7. Frequently ask yourself the question, "Am I thinking
inside the box, or outside the box?

8. Be willing to take responsibility for your own choices
and your own actions.

9. Set goals and stick to them. Don't let other people
deter you or hold you back.

10. Don't be afraid to be different. Most of life's
greatest accomplishments are achieved by people who break
the mold.

11. Never be negative yourself. There is a lot of good in
yourself and in the world around you. Practice seeing the

12. Enjoy your choices and enjoy what you do. Never let a
day go by without being thankful for the fact that you get
to be here in the first place.
And that is it for the second outfit of my Monochrome Outfit Series.

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Much Love

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