16 August 2013

Nail Art Tutorial: Kissable Lips

I recently posted the first look of my Monochrome outfit series, which showed off a set of Monochrome nails to match. On the ring finger, however, I painted a pair of hot red kissable lips. I thought the red stood out nicely with the rest of the nails being black and white.

I then removed the black and white and replaced it with plain red, but kept the ring finger as it was.

Here is an illustrated tutorial on the method I used to achieve the lips:

In the above illustration, I used red and white as an example. You can however use any colour combination you like. Use a thin tipped brush or toothpick for the lips.

Create lines over the lips for a more realistic pair of lips, using a toothpick or needle.

Hope this tutorial helps!

Much Love

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