19 July 2013

Casual in Printed Tank top and Jeanshorts ft. tank top wishlist

Barbeque, drinks, laughter and just pure


That's what comes to mind when I think hot sun and friends.

Today's outfit is perfect for a casual outing, like the one described above.

White on White

with a dash of 
pink, polka-dots and hearts

I previously featured this tank top in my post,


such a cutie this top, isn't it?

Well let me tell you little secret. I was never much of a tanktop fan. Not because I didn't like it, but because I never liked the way I looked in it. I always thought I looked, well, manly when I tried it on.

But I'm over that now haha

I fell inlove with the pink, gold and white combination during my last outfit post. That's when I thought of the top and white jeanshorts pairing. It's the same shorts I was wearing with the pastel pink blouse, but for this outfit I rolled up the pipes to allow the pockets to stick out at the bottom. Just to give it a little bit of a grungy touch.
My nails are not pink, although I initially wanted to paint them pink. 
But I decided to go for the red instead.

I rounded it off with a pair of nude pumps just because, you know.... I like my heels. That's just me.
 Heels tend to add a bit more style. But if you want to keep it casual on your feet, sneakers would be the way to go with this outfit. Or you could still keep it stylish, but a bit more casual than my pumps, with a pair of cute wedge sandals.

I love how well the nude shoes go with the white on white and gold accessories.

Thank goodness I got over my fear of tank tops because it is really comfy and looks so casual.

All accessories are from

All of the clothing items was purchased a good while ago so I decided to list a few cute / pretty tank tops and where to get it:

| 1 | Love Heart | F21                                                    | 2 | rosebud knittted tank | Nasty Gal


| 3 |  Be In Love printed Tank | F21                           | 4 |  Goodbye to Romance | Nasty Gal


| 5 | Ziggy Candy | Nasty Gal                                                  | 6 | Micky in Neon green | F21


That is all I will list but there are so many cute tank tops in stores right now!
check out f21, nasty gal and... google haha

It' such a fun staple piece.

oh, and


Have a FUN day, or night, wherever you are!

Much love,

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