02 July 2013

2013 Fashion Wishlist Part 3 : Top 10 Favorite Trendy High Waist Denim / Jean Shorts

Ok, so this must be one of my favorite wishlists. You may have noticed that I love shorts. I may actually be borderline obsessed hihi.

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Without further ado, let's move along. Is it weird that I am super excited with this? Eek.

| 1 |

American Flag High Waist Studded Shorts 

I just have to mention that my eyes almost popped as my jaw dropped when I first spotted 

high waist | destroyed | american flag print | hand studded

I appreciate the fact that they put some thought into the type of studs used. They actually considered the print, which in this case is the American flag, and put star-shaped studs on the side of the star prints, and square shapes on the side of the stripes. I also like that the flag does not cover the entire front, but rather peeks through distressed cut-outs below the pocket openings. It allows for this shorts to be worn more flexibly in terms of pairings. 

get these here

or find similar here from nasty gal

or here from forever 21

or here from etsie

| 2 |

Colorful hand painted Tie-dye gradient rivet Punk High Waist  Shorts

These right here just screamed 'FUN in the SUN' when I spotted them

don't you think?

get it here

or similar herehere 

| 3 |

Levi High Waist Lace Denim Shorts 

Now here is something pretty

levi cut-offs | slash and fray | white lace

I don't think I need to elaborate on why this one makes the 'cut'. Hits the peek-a-boo trend nail right on the head with those hip bone cut-outs. The lace trim rounds it off perfectly!

get these here

there are many cut-out denim shorts going around (google it) but the lace trim on this seems to be one of a kind.

I'm sure it would be pretty easy to add your own lace though! You can find many online tutorials on how to add lace to shorts ;)

| 4 |

Watermelon Denim High Waist Shorts 
Nasty Gal

here we have something yummy. yummy, because when I look at it, a juicy watermelon on a hot summer's day immediately comes to mind

along with the watermelon eating, I also think fun and laughter. it just has that look about it.
and just as it is described on the nasty gal website, it is 'the cutest denim shorts ever!'.

get it here

you can also get it here from lazy oaf in uk

| 5 |

Strokes denim High Waist Shorts 

Nasty Gal

Oooh, now here we have one of the biggest trends, which is stripes!

Definitely one of my favorite trends for this summer!

get these here 

or similar here

| 6 |

Bart Simpson High Waist Shorts

OK, now theses are just SO cute and hip! The Bart Simpson print was debuted by Jeremy Scott Last year and it made it's way into streetstyle. And with graphic prints being hot right now, these fit right in.

Love how this outfit shows how you can pretty much dress anything up.

Get these here

or here or here 

| 7 |

Scribble Denim High Waist Shorts 
Nasty Gal

Ziggity Zag zag, this one will give you the right to brag! 

get these here

| 8 |

Motel Dora Frayed Denim High Waist Shorts in Blue Marble Print 

I like anything creative, and this makes the cut.

get these here

| 9 |

Bejeweled High Waist Cut-offs Shorts
Forever 21

These are just too sparkly and pretty to leave out!

I forgot to mention super HOT.

Get these here

| 10 |

High Waist Matelot Shorts

Love Culture

sailor style and high waist just makes the perfect combination!

get these here

And that's IT my fellow fashionista's!

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Have a beautiful day, or night, wherever you are!


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