11 June 2013

Fashion : Pretty in Pink Floral Chiffon and White Lace


all that, together, just oozes of

I seem to amaze myself with every outfit I put together these days. Not because I think the actual outfit is amazing per se (before you think I'm some vain pain lol ). 
Amazing in the sense that I can't believe how much my fashion taste has changed, and how much more open I am to styles that I would never even have considered not so long ago.

I just look at everything with such a different, more open mind.

Here we have a skirt. Floral, Pink, White, Frills and Lace with a huge bow shaped belt.
Hmmmm. Would I have given it a second look, say, a year and a half ago?

The answer is

But today, I'm loving it.

Needless to say, it is pretty, cute, sweet and all those girly things.
Perfect for an outing on a hot Spring or Summer day.

I love the fact that it's high waist too.

paired it with a white boob-tube top and my favorite ankle-strap platform sandals

and these beautiful feather earrings

and some pearl and gold bracelets.

where it's all from:

hmmm, you gonna hear



Both the skirt and the top are from local Chinese clothing boutiques

similar skirt here

and the shoes, well, they're not from a chinese store, but they are the brand

'Chinese Laundry'

and I got them at Ross Dress For Less :)
similar here and here

bracelets and ring are from Lovisa

earrings from The Young Designer's Emporium

similar earrings here and here

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