22 June 2013

Spring and Summer Shoe Trends for 2013

can you say


do you know what a shoe-a-holic is...

I'm pretty sure you do because I'm also pretty sure you are one. That's why you reading this, right. Come on. Admit it now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact, you should be proud!

I know I am.

And that is why I have looked out for, and now present to you, the shoe trends for the beloved warm seasons.

So let's start wiiiith my personal favorite:

1) The Ankle Strap

My favorite simply because there is just something about that strap around the ankle that makes any shoe that has it more feminine!

I am inlove with these Altuzarra Fantasy Print Ankle Strap Pumps

can someone please purchase these online for me here ?

just kidding. the link is legit though. there's a 30% discount on it right now.

on second thought, any offers?

these Jeffrey Campbell Solitaire will also do hehe :p

get these here .



mustache + pink + heels + ankle strap

get these here

And I'm sure many of you have seen the following style going around. It became quite popular after Zara released it, and I featured a similar pair in an earlier post. View it here .

Purchase these here .

Or go here for a large variety of similar styles and colours at Zara.

Now, moving on to

2) The Pump

Now this is the kind of shoe that can be worn with pretty much any type of outfit. All you have to do is match the colours. It's comfortable (usually, because the heel tends to be lower than our beloved platforms), petite, cute and makes the outfit stylish!

Check out these cute and stylish Vince Celecte d' Orsay Pumps here .


how about these cute cut-out Melon coloured Pumps?

I absolutely ADORE it!

If you do too, get them here !
comes in black, mint and taupe too!

I also love my own nude pumps. Check it out here, and scroll to the bottom for a list of similar finds.

Then we have

3) The Wedge

Nothing new or surprising with this one. Afterall, it has been around since, forever. I must admit that I have never really been a fan of wedges. but I know many of you are!

This wedge is by Michael Kors and it has a clear heel, which incorporates another Spring|Summer fashion trend, which is peek-a-boo.

purchase it online here .

Here is a three trends in one (stripes, wedge and ankle strap) from ZARA

Purchase online here .

Now we have

4) The Slingback

Another detail that adds a touch of feminine to a shoe is a slingback. Although i often struggle to find a fitting pair since I have such tiny heels. More than half the time the slingbacks are loose around the back.

how do you like these colour-blocked from jimmy choo

if you likey, find it here .

or what about these high-heeled slingbacks from ZARA

purchase it online here 

moving on...

5) Open-toe

This I feel is almost a MUST during the hot seasons. Of course there are exceptions but ya, our little toes do need to breath in the heat haha.

get these here

and of course

6) Kitty Heels!!

I love my high heels but they have made such cute little designs with these kitty heels that I know I wouldn't be able to resist them.

Like this cute pair from Zara

get it here

7)  Sneakers

Yep, here we go for comfort and casual with a touch of cute! A pair of cool sneakers with a pair of distressed denim shorts and a tank. Nice!

aren't these adorable? Find it here .

8) The Flat

Yes yes. As much as I would love to be able to go evERYwHere in heels, let's face it, we need to wear flats once in a while. So anything with a really flat heel will do :D

9) The Espadrille

You may not recognize the name, but you will definitely recognize the shoe!

Basically it's a sandal with a sole made of rope or rubber and a cloth upper part.

Sound similar?

well, here it is:

get these here .

last but not least we have

10) The Bootie

And no, we're not talking about a female's bottoms. We're talking those cute little booties that make our outfits look trendy trendy trendy! Perfect if you want to add some edge to a outfit. Or if you want to transform a day look to night. Or simply transforming casual to glam!

get these Rebecca Minkoff Mabel Strappy Booties here


And that's it folks!

But remember, you dont ALWAYS have to stick to trends. If none of the above fits your style, get whatever you like! It's about how you wear it!


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