29 May 2013

Summer 2013 Fashion Trend: Denim on Denim


Otherwise known as 
'Double Denim'

is definitely one of thee most feared combinations. Feared because, quite frankly, it doesn't always work.

To quote 
Topman Magazine:
(this of course applies to the men but just so you get the idea)

" Get it right and you can look as cool as Ryan Gosling in Drive. Get it wrong and you could end up like Justin Timberlake back in 2001 with Britney Spears - a look so bad he said he'd probably pay good money to get some of those pictures off the internet. ''

Even for the 90's, I'm sure you would agree that the above outfit is a complete fail.

You may know that the denim on denim trend is not quite new to the fashion world. It is a trend that has been coming on for many a season. It is one of the survivors that come back year after year, and 2013 is no exception. Seen on the runways, adopted into streetstyle and of course, by our dearly beloved celebrities, such as the infamous


She certainly loves this trend as she could be seen wearing it on numerous occasions since Summer of 2012.

Here's the link to a little clip from fabsugar, giving some tips on styling this trend:

As you can see, it was already shared in 2010. So ya, this trend is perennial.

I must admit that I was one of the sceptics when it came to Double Denim. What can I say, it's a tricky one. But nevertheless, I took it on.

And here is 

high waist denim shorts | local chinese clothing store
(Similar here  & here from forever 21)
(Similar here from ASOS)

white lace top | woolworths
(similar here from ASOS)
(Similar here and here from forever 21)
(similar here by abercrombie & fitch)

cropped denim jacket | edgars
(similar here from forever 21)

nude pumps | woolworths
(for a list of where to find similar pumps, view THIS post and scroll to bottom)

Although the shorts and jacket are blue, they are different shades of blue. The shorts is lighter than the jacket. That worried me a bit, but I think the white top sort of made the two blend. 
Folding the shorts to allow the white pockets to show also made the entire ensemble work better.

I painted my nails white with a chevron stripe and pink heart on the ring finger

Oh ya, and I also couldn't decide whether to wear my hair in a bun or loose, hence the top two pics showing loose hair and the above a bun.

On another note, I've been sick with the nasty flu for the past week, This outfit is long overdue so at least being bed-bound, I came across it and made the effort to post it hehe.

Have a great week!


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