09 May 2013

My Nails Repaired with Tea Bag!

My nails have always been brittle and therefore easily prone to breakage.

Since January of this year however, I made a conscious effort to preserve and maintain my nails when I took a strong interest in nail art and design.

I am, or shall I say, WAS an avid nail-biter. My poor nails always had to bear the brunt of the times that my nerves or worries got the best of me.

That of course had to come to an end. You'll be surprised how a pretty colour or design on your nails can keep your teeth at bay. You wouldn't want to ruin it now would you?

This is pretty much the longest that I have gone without breaking my nails.

Yesterday, however, I was mortified when I noticed a split on the side of my left thumbnail. That is my most prized nail since it is the longest and grows fastest. Then to make things worse, I noticed a split on my small finger nail too! I was especially proud of this nail because it is probably thee weakest nail of them all and came a long way!

I then thought to myself, 'No, I'm not going to lose you two! You have come too far!' So I decided to try the 'tea-bag nail saver', which method I came across a while back.

Here is the process explained:

top left | thumbnail split
top right| tea bag applied to the split 
bottom left | nail painted afterwards 
bottom right | small finger nail, on which I did the same

what you will need:

-tea bag 
-clear nail polish OR nail glue
(the latter would be more ideal for large slits)


- cut open the tea bag to empty out the contents as you will only need the paper

- place the tea bag paper over the split to measure, making sure some of it folds over to the other side of the nail where it is split. That way ensuring coverage on both sides.

- cut out the piece

-paint one side of the cut piece in clear nail polish or nail glue and stick it over the split

- dab it down and smoothen out any bubbles. Fold over excess and press down the back.

- once it's flat on the nail, apply more clear nail polish or nail glue over it to smoothen out more

- leave to dry

You can then paint your nails however you want because 

It takes some practice so don't be put off if you struggle a bit at first. But trust me, it's well worth it if you want to keep those glamorous long nails!

Till next time!

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