01 April 2013

REVIEW: Rimmel London Lycra Pro MATTE FINISH

A hot new nail trend is definitely the MATTE effect.

An easy and inexpensive way to follow this trend while still holding on to your shiny polishes would be to get a matte top coat instead of just purchasing the actual polish in matte.

I came to know of ESSIE's MATTE ABOUT YOU and started searching for it in stores.

Much to my disappointment, I couldn't find it anywhere!

Then one day, I by chance spotted the words MATTE FINISH by the Rimmel section, and found that it was Rimmel London Lycra Pro Matte Finish, which is basically a mattifying topcoat like the one mentioned above by ESSIE.

I decided to give it a go.

before application

after application

As you can see, there is a big difference.
I must add that I think lighter colours, or rather pastels, would look better with the matte effect although black looks great in matte too.

But this is just to give you an idea of the results that the matte top coat gives you.



It's pretty good. It does the job and I find that when I have it on, my nails seem more resistant to breakage and even chipping. It seems to protect the nails really well. I also find that the nail polish itself does not come off. The entire nails stays covered until I actually remove it. 

So all in all, it's a good buy and the price is good too. Cheaper than Essie :p

Have a good day or night, wherever you are!


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