23 April 2013

Nail Design with Christian Louboutin red bottoms!

' Christian Louboutin '

the name that gets any shoe-lovers heart racing.


Simply because he is designer to some of THEE sexiest and breathtakingly gorgeous shoes
 in the world.

And he has made use of one of thee most eye-catching and flamboyant colours to don the soles of his shoes to identify them as his:


Inspired by this, it has now become quite the 'nail trend' to paint the nails red underneath.

Here is my take:

And here is how I did it:

Colours used:

Shiny Black
Gold Shimmer
Matte Top Coat


Paint all, except the ring finger, in shiny black.
Paint ring finger in gold shimmer.
Wait for all the above to dry and apply matte top coat.
Paint about 1/2 a centimeter of tape in gold shimmer. (Enough to cut 4 thin strips)
Wait for the above to dry and then start to cut the strips. Apply each strip as seen on the picture to the fingers, except the ring finger, as you cut it.
Paint the section of the nail above the gold strip in shiny black.
Take thin tipped brush and draw heart on index finger in gold shimmer.
Using the same sized brush, fill in the heart as seen, with the shiny black, leaving a gold outline.
Using the same sized brush, draw a line across the top of the ring finger using the shiny black.
Then draw the heart in shiny black and fill in with the gold shimmer.
Paint the section above the black line in gold shimmer.
Use any rounded object (usually a headed pin) to make a row of little dots underneath the gold strips on the thumb, middle and small fingers.

Using a middle sized brush, paint the bottoms of all the nails in red for the

Repeat the above on your other hand and you're

peace out!

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