07 April 2013

Military Inspired Outfit



One of the BIGGEST trends for autumn and winter and also one that I did not initially go 'gaga' about.

[ for a full list of a/w fashion trends, see my post autumn & winter fashion trends 2012/13 ]

I have however learnt to embrace this trend after seeing many looks that actually struck my fancy. I think I was too stuck on a certain image in my head. The image composed of a soldier in Iraq. LOL!

But I soon came to realize that this look can be styled whichever way you want and doesn't have to look rough and tough! And actual camouflage print is certainly not mandatory :)

today's military inspired

This outfit may look familiar to those of you who have been following either my Instagram or Youtube channel.

 That would be because I HAVE in fact worn it before. The first time was in my fall outfit video series during September of 2012 (for those of you who had  fall back then). In the video however, I wore a pair of black suede boots. 

The second time was for my IG post in which I wore it with my Nine West Leopard Print heels and headband.

THIS time around, I'm wearing it with a brown denim cropped jacket, fishnet stockings and black suede pumps.

The best part about this outfit is that I didn't have to break out the wallet for it. At least not recently.

I've had the shorts, top and jacket for a while already. This post is therefore purely for purposes of inspiration.

*hint : If you ever see an item that you like but can't get a hold of it for any reason, all you have to do is type the description of that item on GOOGLE and a variety of places you can find it (or something similar) will pop up!

Where I got it:

SHORTS | Edgars
TOP | Identity
JACKET | Edgars

The shorts is one of the typical military styled shorts, while the jacket sports a military brown shade.

SKULLS | Young Designers Emporium
SPIKES (see previous photo) | Foschini


As for camouflage, the shirt featured in my full 'a/w trends' post is still my fave.

Have a great day or night wherever you are!


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