15 April 2013

Hearty Sunday Outfit

Growing up, Sunday was always the day that I woke up to church bells ringing in the distance and a short while later, the delightful aroma of Sunday lunch in the oven would be all over the house.

The day that the entire family would be at home, relaxing. A lovely, quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

But Sunday was also a day to go out and enjoy the freedom of not having to go to work or school. So we would often go for a drive along the beach or go have a picnic. I use to love doing the latter with my family! 

Very special memories :)

So in other words, Sunday was also 

Sunday, 14 April 2013 was another family day as we entertained some special guests.
We had some tasty Asian food which included some chicken fried rice and chow mein.


And here is 
what I wore

I initially couldn't decide between hanging the shirt over my pants or tucking it in. In the end, I chose to go with the latter.

Sheer cream shirt with printed scribbled hearts | EDGARS
I've had the 3/4 pants for a long time.
Nude Pumps | Woolworths

Gold-plated necklace | Foschini

Spikes | Foschini
Black and Gold Bangle | Oh La La
Skull Bracelet | YDE
Rings | Lovisa

Nail Enamel | Gold shimmer by Essence

And that's that!

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday!

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