12 February 2014

Haircare | Hot Olive Oil Hair Treatment

The magic that is 

While there is an endless list of beauty and health benefits of
olive oil,

I will be focusing on the 

Hot Oil Hair treatment.

After a bad hair colouring job, my hair was close to fried. Dry, brittle and breaking off. I always had very long hair and the times that I cut it, it grew back fast. With the damage however, it didn't appear to be growing. Although I think it was. I just didn't see it because it grew slower and the ends were breaking off continuously.

I then did some research on repair remedies and came across a DIY hot oil treatment using olive oil.

Olive oil acts as a natural conditioner and has great nutrients which promote shine and elasticity.

I saw results very fast. With every treatment, my hair looked shinier and healthier. It was also noticeably growing in length. Not as fast as it use to, but there was definitely an improvement in the growth rate!

I swear by this treatment! And it's not only for when your hair is damaged. It's good to keep your hair strong and healthy, period. It also doesn't matter what type of hair you have. Whether it's straight, curly, ethnic, dry or even oily! This treatment is extremely beneficial for healthy hair.

What you'll need:

- Olive Oil : The amount will vary depending on the thickness and length of your hair. But no matter what, you should not need more than a quarter cup.

- Microwavable cup or bowl to heat up olive oil

- Hair Towel

- Hair Clip and Comb

- Plastic Cling Wrap or Shower Cap

- Hood Dryer (optional)


1) Heat up the olive oil in the microwaveable cup or bowl. I usually time it for 40 seconds as you don't want the oil to be TOO hot and risk burning yourself.

2) Apply the olive oil conservatively to your hair in sections, using your comb to section off the hair, and clip to keep the rest of the hair up. You can either apply it using your hands or by dipping the comb in the olive oil and then combing it through your hair.

*note : If you have naturally oily hair, do not apply close to the roots. Also do not apply it to the point where the hair is drenched in olive oil. I applied more of it to my ends since it was driest.

3) Wrap your hair in one layer of cling wrap or place the shower cap over your hair ( this holds in the olive oil and aids in the absorption process )

4) Wet the hair towel with hot water and ring dry to leave it steaming. An easier way to do this would be to wet the towel in room temperature water, ring dry and heat up in the microwave, rather than trying to ring dry an already hot towel. You then wrap the steaming towel over the plastic wrap or shower cap.

5) Optional: Sit under a hood dryer for 30 minutes
If you do not have a hood hair dryer, just leave the above on your hair for 30 minutes.

6) Wash you hair as per usual, but take extra care to wash out the olive oil, as your hair will be a hot oil mess if not washed out completely (trust me, I know lol)

Try doing this treatment once a week.

* Hint : Try keeping your hair unwashed for at least 3 to 4 days at a time, since this allows for the build up of natural oils in your sculp. These oils are ultimately the best nutrition for your hair and by washing your hair too often, you are stripping your hair of this. Massage your scalp using a paddle brush to spread the natural oils and brush it down the hair shaft. This may sound gross to some of you who are use to washing your hair on a daily basis, but this has been proven to be very beneficial for your hair.

Always keep in Mind 

that heat, light and air can affect the taste and even the health-promoting nutrients of olive oil.
Therefore, it is advisable for you to store it in a dark, room-temperature cupboard or refrigerator.

 Also, the fats and healthy phytonutrients, as well as the taste — can slowly degrade over time, so it's probably best to use it within a year or within six months once opened.

Hope you try it out and see the same good results as I did!

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