01 April 2013

Autumn & Winter Fashion Trends 2012|13

If you are in the parts of the world where Spring has just arrived and you are already so over winter, see my post on Spring & Summer 2013/14 Trends!

But while you can't wait to embrace the sun that comes with the warm seasons, others sadly have to kiss and say goodbye to it. I'm actually one of them :(

Can the next few months just come and go already?

Here's the thing with the season trends and the different parts of the world:

The applicable season trends here would be FALL & WINTER 2012/13. Even though the trends for FALL & WINTER 2013/14 have already been released, it hasn't hit the stores since it was just showcased on the runways barely 2 months ago.

 We will only see those later in the year when the parts of the world who are now entering Spring, enter Fall (around September). I will cover that during August.

So without further ado, we have:

1. Military

'The fashionista army is growing.'

Yep, we're talking camouflage baybays! Of course we do not want to LOOK like we are IN the army or other military force, so the designer's were sure to adapt it for the ladies! As with any other trend, there are many ways to incorporate this into your wardrobe. If you are not too big on the actual camouflage print, look out for coats with the military cut, kaki, camel or army green shades. I am personally not a big fan of this trend but I recently came across a GORGEOUS camouflage shirt. It made me re-consider the trend and realize that it can be worn in your personal favourite style and doesn't have to look rough and tough. 

Here is what won me over:

Image Source: NATIVE FOX

Can you see why ? I'm sure you can!

The shirt is sold at ASOS and is the 'Equipment Slim Signature Shirt in Camo Print chiffon'.

Direct link for online purchase:

Now, if you clicked on the link above, you may just have been blown away by the price tag. But hey, I'm sure you will feel like it was well worth it once you are flaunting it. And it's made of pure silk chiffon. Just imagine what that feels like on the skin! Guilty Pleasure?

2) Leather

Leather has always been in fashion so it may come as a surprise that it's actually being specified as a particular trend. Well, this time around it has taken on some new forms. Still edgy of course, but with more style. It's also being incorporated in everything  We're talking skirts, coats, pants, tops and in different colours too. A complete outfit in leather is also quite popular!

I personally LOVE this top by Michael Kors

Image source: IMAXTREE

These looks are by
Yves Saint Laurent

3) Peplums

This pretty and lady-like trend hit the spotlight during summer and was loved so much that it crossed over into fall and winter too.

How ? 

Well, it simply took on darker shades than the bright shades we saw in summer, and we are seeing a bit more edge.

I recently spotted this HOTTY at YDE! Although it is made for the " winter " closet, it actually features some trends for  SPRING & SUMMER 2013 / 14 too, which is

mesh and embellishments!

So it can be flaunted throughout fall, winter, spring and summer. Talk about a great find!

This top also comes in white and brown/black animal print.

3) Burgandy / Maroon

Usually when one thinks cold seasons, we think black. Well, guess what. We have a new black. And that is burgandy. Or some may call it maroon.

Look out for any piece that is either completely this colour, or has it incorporated somewhere.

You can even wear it on your nails or go bold with it on your lips!

One of my personal favorite lipsticks for the past 3 years has been Maybelline's super stay 24 color in Burgundy (585):

The colour is perfect for fall/winter as it's not that bright red that you would wear in Spring/Summer. Although, I'm actually considering keeping it bright this cold season. Why must everything be dark anyway :)

This  lipstick is great and really does STAY on your lips all day. One thing though. COFFEE. Coffee seems to remove it. At least the part that comes into contact with the coffee as you drink it. I find that I always have to re-apply the inner part of my lip after having a cuppa Joe!

But it has a conditioning lip balm that makes your lips feel super soft and sumptuous.

To keep my nails on trend, I've got a maraoon-ish colour from Sinful Colors called

It has bit of a gold shimmer to it.

4) Winter White

Ever heard the saying 'shine bright like a diamond'?

I'm sure you have, ever since the infamous Rihanna, these days better known as 'RIRI' released the song.

Well that is exactly what you will be doing with this trend. All white under dark and gloomy skies.

Sophistication, femininity, beautiful is what came to mind when I browsed through the 'winter white' outfits that were showcased on the runways.

My favorite is this ensemble by

Cushnie et Ochs 

Designer's Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs used PLASTIC SURGERY as their inspiration for this ensemble. Strange source but hey, it sure worked! With the sheer crepe silk blouse designed in a manner to remind one of a bandage, the look turned out very chic and sexy!

5) Baroque

I have a separate post dedicated just to this trend.

Get there quickly here:


6) Knitwear

Of course we can't leave knitwear behind. It is the cold season after all  and what better fabric to keep us warm and cosy than soft, knitted clothing.

But what we are specifically looking for are 'comfort AND glam' pieces!

And we are not limiting it to jerseys/sweaters. We looking for knitted jumpers too! We also not limiting it to the usual gloomy winter colours. We taking on the bright colours and prints too. Stand out this season!

Loving this look by
Vivienne Westwood:

And here's what we mean by Colourful and Prints! 

7) Full Floral

Flower print during winter? Hell ya! 

But unlike the prints you saw in spring and summer, winter's florals are not as showy and feminine.

Winter brings us dark, luxe and edgy florals. And bringing some of the 'BAROQUE' element to it, we saw some florals layered with lace and flocked fabrics. 

'Think less prissy, more Powerful!'
                                                      -  VOGUE

Here's what we saw on the runways:

                                                                 Intricate floral designs

Clearly not the typical pretty florals we see in the hot seasons! Still gorgeous though!

Images by gorunway.

8) Leisure Suits

One of the biggest, most chic and classic trend is the leisure suit.

We saw bold and bright, as well as highly decorative designs on the runways.

Some designers even mixed the prints to create a fashionable clash of prints.

Marc Jacobs

image: peter stigter

9) Cobalt Blue

Bold and Bright, this colour is sure one that is ritch and stands out. It is just beautiful on anyone and everyone, no matter what your skin tone is! Perfect match is black!

10) Velvet

By its very definition, Velvet is everything that is perfect for the colder seasons: Silky densely piled fabric with a plain back. Smooth and soft to sight, hearing, touch or taste.

Featured dress encompasses four trends: velvet, crosses, black/gold combination and it's skater style!

Now to start the count down to summer! At least for me hihi.

Much Love

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