03 April 2013

Autumn & Winter Fashion Trend 2012|13: BAROQUE

[For the complete list of fashion trends, see my Autumn & Winter fashion trends post 2012|13 ]


Not a very 'familiar' trend but certainly one to familiarize yourself with. 

What exactly IS baroque? Well, think ORNATE details and GILDED edges.

Still not sure what it's all about?

Let's start with Ornate. Ornate is highly or excessively decorated. SO we're talking LOTS of detailing. 

Your appearance should be ornate, meaning you should be elaborately (or excessively) decorated. But we are NOT TALKING Christmas tree lol. 

Gilded means to have a deep, slightly brownish colour of gold. But we still not talking festive gold people. We are talking rich and superior in quality. 

Although, not all baroque pieces need to have the gilded edges.

Here are some of my favorite baroque ensembles seen on the runways:

   Dolce & Gabbana 
went lavish.


 Donatella Versace 

added another trend, which is
 to her baroque ensemble.
The dress also sports some crosses, which is another hot trend.

I love the royal blue touch in this modern and fresh design by 

Stella Mc Cartney

Loving this dress by
 Roberto Cavalli!

Last but not least, my personal favorite of the lot 

(at least the jacket), 


I hope the above somewhat gives you an idea on what this trend is all about.

Chow chow, for now ;)

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