04 March 2013


Peek-a-boo, I SEE yoooou! 

Sound familiar?

 I'm sure it does. Who hasn't played that game.

Well, if you recall, it's when one person closes their eyes with their hands (usually in front of a baby or child), and suddenly takes their hands off and says 
 I see you!

In other words, they suddenly reveal their face.

That is exactly what this trend is all about. 



This is a very bold trend and could be very daring, depending on how much you reveal.  This trend was a constant on the runways. It came in many different styles,
 including various 

cut-out's, sheer & see-through 


It was seen on dresses, tops, skirts with slits, you name it, it was there!

The easiest and least daringly revealing take would be small keyhole cut-outs either at the back, side or chest of a top.

For the even more conservative fashionista's who would still somehow like to pull this trend off, a slit in the skirt or dress will do the trick, as it only reveals a small amount of skin.

If you just not into revealing skin, this trend can also be incorporated in your 
accessories and shoes,
 with some see-through bags and geometric square heels seen plenty on the runways.

Probably thee most revealing take on the Peek-a-boo trend would be the 


This is in fact so popular that it is considered a trend on it's own.

It is exactly what the name says. 

A midriff or crop top.  

Or, recently referred to as the 'Bralette' .

This look was rife on the runways and is also a street-style favorite

Be prepared to bare A LOT and get those bellies in shape ladies! 

A popular look for this is pairing the top, or bralette, with a blazer and a high waist a-line skirt or shorts. If however you are more daring, you could wear it on it's own ;)

My post on Leather Shorts verses Bodycon skirt is an example of the peek-a-boo trend as I am wearing a see-through shirt. Take a LOOK!

Much Love,

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