23 March 2013

Outfit of the Day: LOVE THE SHOT




And no. I'm not just talking about the actual picture. I'm talking about the tank in today's outfit.

That's what is says. Along with a cool chick wearing some nerdy spectacles, a pretty pink and white polka dot hair-bow and pink lips to match. Then we have a camera and little, scribbled black hearts all around and BAM! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a simple, yet winning piece.

Here's how I wore it:


Although this is a very casual top, I dressed it up with a black cropped blazer with puffed shoulders and a pair of black shorts and pumps. Although, these items does also add edge to the outfit.

For my armcandy, I opted for spikes and skulls to add even more EDGE :)

I chose not to wear any neck accessory because I kinda liked the look with a bare neck. It somehow makes it more casual and I wanted to incorporate more of that too so that I didn't look TOO dressed up.

The shorts is one that I have featured in other outfits, including my 'LEOPARDESS' ootd post (check it outtt). It's pretty simple but also has puffed pockets.

Still experimenting with nail art, I decided to go with the outfit:


I did this really quick because it was a last minute decision and I was actually on my way to the mall for some much needed RETAIL THERAPY haha!

It's real simple though. All my nails are painted in the 'NUDE" shade by Sinful Colours and I free-styled a pair of red lips on the ring finger, using red acrylic paint and a thin tipped paint brush. I then took a tooth-pick and made tiny strokes through parts of the lips so it can have a rougher, more natural appearance. I am actually going to do a proper design now that I know I can actually paint lips (this was my first attempt) :) 

I will add more elements to the other nails as well as the lips and will also use a different colour combination.

Will do that tomorrow and upload immediately!

LAST but not LEAST, a close-up of the TOP:

Top from EDGARS.

Blazer from EDGARS.

Shorts from Chinese Clothing Store in San Diego.

Shoes from EDGARS.

Accessories from FOSCHINI (spikes)  and YDE (skulls).

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