24 March 2013

Summer Outfit: WHITE SWAN

'I just want to be perfect.'

                                       - Nina Sayers in the movie, Black Swan.

When I first heard about the movie 'Black Swan' and saw bits and pieces of it whilst others were watching it, I never really took much of an interest until suddenly one day it just hauled me in.

To say the least, I was IMPRESSED. Although a bit confusing, once completely understood, the message is a powerful one. I won't say much in fear that some reading this may not have watched it yet.

What I will say is that Nina was a ballet dancer. A BRILLIANT one at that. After much determination, she was chosen to perform the lead role in a ballet called 'The Swan Lake', in which she had to play two roles, 'the white swan' as well it's nemesis, 'the black swan.'

Today's look is inspired by the costume of the 'WHITE' swan.

Of course I wouldn't go walking around the streets in a net 'tutu', so I chose a 

white frilled lace and chiffon skirt by 

very similar here

With it I wore an all lace top:
from Woolworths

nude with black stripes, squares and lips

neck and arm candy:
angel wings necklace from Accesorize
pearls and white/gold leaf bracelets from Lovisa

complete look
shoes are Chinese Laundry purchased at ROSS dress for less

It would probably have been more appropriate to wear my hair in a high bun like Nina does when she dances, but I like the curls in my hair at the moment.

All white as well as lace, are big trends this Spring/Summer :D


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