26 March 2013

Summer Outfit: Shades of grey with a touch of HEART

So about a week ago my phone rings and I answer.

To my delight, I am offered a free facial to promote the new 'visible difference' skin care range from Elizabeth Arden. 

Free Facial? Hell ya! I needed some T L C.

My appointment was scheduled for yesterday and as expected, I loved the pampering. At this stage I can't speak for the products because it's the type that you can only review after continued usage and I didn't purchase any... yet. Simply because I am currently researching the ideal skincare range for me.

After my facial, I got a makeover and I absolutely loved their liquid ceramide foundation. It matched my skin tone perfectly. 

It was a beautiful, sunny day yesterday and I opted for something casual. Here's




Let's begin with the 
cropped knitted top.

During my last session of retail therapy, I was standing in line at the fitting rooms when in the distance, I saw this beauty staring me in the face. My eyes stretched and it was as if I could see the huge heart on the front beating with my own. I called out for my shopping partner at once.

'Bring that to meee, PLEASE!' , I asked her as I pointed at the top on the rail. She grabbed the front one and it was my size. It was as if it was meant to be, lol.

I tried it on and it goes without saying that I got it. And with much enthusiasm.

So soft and comfy, this item is one that I will probably wear to the max!

Purchased at EDGARS.

Straight on to the shorts, shoes and accessories:

On the same trip as mentioned above, this shorts was actually already IN my hands when I spotted the top. I've been wanting a white shorts for a while and the fact that it's high waist just made it a definite buy. If you read any of my previous posts, you would know that I am obsessed with High Waist bottoms!

Moving on to our favorite topic: 

These are one of my all-time favorite shoes. It's grey, peep-toe, suede, and let's not forget SUPER-CUTE! I love how comfy these shoes are and I can wear it so casually even though it's suede. I must however mention that the maintenance is bit of a schlep, precisely because it's suede and because the colour is so light. No matter where I go, I always find a dark spot on it afterwards. 

Oh well, it's worth it.

Shoes are BCBG, purchased at ROSS dress for less.

For Accessories...

I'm simply wearing my gold-plated skull bracelet (YDE) on one arm, spikes (foschini) on the other, my owl necklace (Accessorize) and my cat-eye sunnies with silver plated outer corners (Woolworths).

My nails are still the same as they were in my last outfit post (White Swan). I purchased a matte top coat so I will be trying out new designs using that. Soooo excited!

Hope everyone's having a fab day and come back for more ;)


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