20 March 2013

Look of the Day: The Black and Golden Affair

Ok, so there's also bright
yellow and drops of red.

I don't know about you guys but I just love this colour combination.

I am a BIG lover of high waist bottoms. I think it really brings out the beautiful curves of a woman's silhouette. And It is just so classic and chic.

So needless to say, I also love these shorts. And the best part about it, is that I got it at a really good price at a local chinese owned clothing store (where you find all the bargains haha)!

There were other colours too. Pink, Green and Orange. But I liked this colour the most.

 I watched the movie 'GREASE' the other day and I just LOVE the outfits because the ladies rocked those high waist skirts, shorts and pants.

I also spotted cat-eye sunnies in the movie. I'm sure you have noticed (if you've read my previous posts) that I LOVE cat-eye sunnies. That could be explained by the fact that I am a CAT-LOVER!! I had a cat that I RAISED from 3 days old after her mother abandoned them. She was my little STAR and was SO human-like. She even drank milk from her bowl, WITH HER PAW. She would sit straight up and dip her paw in the milk and sip it from there. AMAZING hey!

VERY sadly, she passed away 2 years ago from an unexplained illness :'(

Anyway, I'm going completely off topic and boring you.





- Black Sheer Shirt with gold embellishments on the collar | EDGARS

- Bright Yellow High Waist Shorts | Local Chinese Clothing Store

- Black Suede Pointy Pumps | EDGARS

- Arm Candy
- Spikes | FOSCHINI
- Black & Gold | Oh La La

- Black Satin Bag | My beloved Grandmother's, gifted to me from my grandfather after she passed :)

Red lips and nails.

I previously featured the shirt in another post where I paired it with a bodycon skirt, as well as a leather shorts ( I also have a YouTube Video on that comparison).

The shirt (as you can see) is see-through sheer, which falls within another popular trend :
(which I also covered in another post). Have a look  :)

Hope you likey like :)


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