18 March 2013

Hot 'OLD' new Spring 2013|14 fashion TREND: SNAKESKIN

Hey Baybays!

How you all doing today? Wonderful, I hope :)

Anyhoo, today I am covering a trend that I actually did NOT list in my Spring & Summer 2013|14 trends post:



I remember this trend being big during the 90's, and I got myself a pair of snakeskin heels as well as a grey halterneck dress. As I mentioned in my S/S trends post (check it out here), 90's styles made it back with a bang. And one of them was indeed the snakeskin print.

Thing is, it was such a big trend in the nineties that it never completely went away and became (at least for me), drawn out and boring to the point where I would not even consider purchasing anything remotely related to snake-skin. So I was not really a big lover of it's return full swing


Before I came to know of it's come-back, I actually bought a shirt that has a snake-skin print on it. 

BUT, guess what. When I bought it, I thought it was  cheetah-print  because of the colours, spots and the fact that the leopard/cheetah prints were, and still are, big haha! It's only when I got home that I realized it was actually a snakeskin print. I almost took it back to the shop :s

But good thing I didn't because I grew to love it! I mainly pair it with denim shorts.

What I'm wearing:

- Sheer Snake-skin Shirt of course | Edgars

- Denim shorts with brown pleather belt | Kohls

- Nude Pumps and Cat-eye Sunglasses | Woolworths

- Accessories | Foschini and Oh La La

- Bag | Louis Vuitton 

- Nails | Lady in Red by Revlon Charlie

I actually have a beautiful snake-skin print dress that I've had for a few years already and only wore twice. Not the one I bought in the 90's lol. And what makes it better is that it features another S/S trend and that is fluorescent fabrics. I will post it soon so come back if you would like to see it :)

Have a great day/night wherever you are!

Much Love

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