17 March 2013

2013 Runway Nail Designs

Nail ART.


My new addiction. Unsurprisingly, since I LOVE anything that involves being creative.

I have been experimenting with various nail polish colours and acrylic paints.

Today's nails are inspired by a popular runway trend : TRIANGLES starting at the bottom of the nails.

IMAGES SOURCE: ImaxTree (Spring 2013)

The colours on the runway were mostly comprised of bright colours. The actual triangle being YELLOW in particular. It's very simple and has been around for a long time. My nails are still quite short while the models sporting these had longer nails, making the triangular shape longer as well.

But alas, here is my take:

How I did it:

Nail Polishes used:

- Lady in Red by REVLON's Charlie
- The nude colour is by SINFUL COLOURS (sorry the exact name of the colour came off and I can't    remember it)
- Orange by REVLON


- Paint all your nails, except the ring fingers with the LADY IN RED.
- Paint the ring fingers with the NUDE.
- Take the NUDE and paint triangles on the nails painted with the LADY IN RED (you can either use the tape method to achieve clean lines, or free-hand it like I did. I used a thin paint brush as the actual nail polish brushes would be too thick. As you can see, mine looks a bit untidy because I used the free-hand method.)
- Take the LADY IN RED and paint the triangle on the nails painted in NUDE.
- Take the ORANGE and paint the chevron stripe on top of the LADY IN RED triangle (BUT LEAVING A SPACE THE SAME WIDTH AS THE CHEVRON STRIPE BETWEEN THE TWO) on the ring fingers.
- Finish off with a top coat (which I did not have)

And you're DONE!

Hope you like it and come back for more, as I will be doing this on a regular basis!

Much Love

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