13 February 2013

Leather Shorts verses Bodycon Skirt

In my latest video, I paired the same shirt with a leatherette shorts and bodycon skirt to compare the completed looks. Have a look and read below.

Let's begin with the Bodycon Skirt.

Bodycon is everything that describes CHIC. Elegant, stylish and sophisticated. And let's not forget femininely sexy as it accentuates your oh so beautiful body silhouette.

Many people, especially those with more conservative frames of mind, may criticize the Bodycon for being too 'expose' on a woman. But as I always say, no matter what, there will always be someone to criticize SOMEthing. So if you like anything, go with it. If every possible way you do something is going to be criticized by someone anyway, you might as well pick the way that makes you happy.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you like bodycon and wearing it makes you feel good, WEAR it.

Promote confidence in yourself.

A bodycon skirt offers many styling possibilities, but I particularly love to wear bodycon skirts with the top piece tucked in so that I achieve a high waist effect. High waist definitely adds a more sophisticated look and shows off the beautiful silhouette of a woman.

Re-live the glamorous days of the fashionista's of the 1940's and 1950's, when the high waist trend was born and certainly flaunted to the max.

While many will say a woman should not show the curves of her body to prevent men from lusting, why not tell the men they should respect women no matter what she wears.  Gone are the days of patriarchy I say! Women should not be discouraged from living freely simply because the men are unable to control themselves and treat women subordinate to them.

This outfit is appropriate for a girl's night or date night!

The Leather Shorts:

The leather shorts certainly adds EDGE to the outfit. It is for the more daring fashionista and a bold addition to any wardrobe that usually keeps it 'safe'. This was my first leather (faux) piece and before it, I never thought i'd take that step. But I was inspired. Inspired by my fellow fashion guru's on YouTube and I decided to give it a go. I must admit that when I first tried it on I wasn't feeling it. I didn't like what I saw and put it back on the rail.

But then I saw it again and decided to give it another try. This time I looked at it with a different, more open mind and let my styling imagination go wild as I looked in the mirror. And suddenly I realized that it, like the bodycon skirt, is a wardrobe essential because of all the styling possibilities it presents.

If you want to keep it stylishly chic, pair it with a sheer shirt as I did. Hang it over the shorts for a casual touch, or tuck it in for a preppy look.

This look is more for a girl's night rather than a date night ;)


Finish the looks with a pair of glamorous heels, matching accessories and my signature lips, 

Hope you like the video. If you have seen any of my other vids, you will notice it's becoming more creative. I just wish I had a better camera and computer to go all out because I'm actually very constrained with what I'm able to do. Slow PC :/

Anyhoo, it's also the month of love so please read my post down below on the topic and remember to


And here is an outfit video inspired by it:

I have a DIY LOVE inspired video too :)




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