16 July 2012

Outfit | The Leopard 'ess'

The Leopard'ess'

So two days ago I finally posted my 'Leopardess' video, which is basically an outfit of the day video. The outfit consists mainly of items that have leopard print, hence the name 'Leopardess'.

Needless to say, I absolutely love Leoprad Print. Many times this is incorrectly referred to as Cheetah Print. There is actually a difference. Let me show you (not that many people care lol)

As can be seen, the cheetah just has plain black spots while the leopard has a brown spot surrounded by black spots.

Anyhoo, for the outfit I put together a silk Leopard print shirt with ruffled neckline, short black shorts with puffed pockets, brown and camel bohemian belt, Leopard print high heeled shoes and a Leopard print clutch bag.

Shirt is from Kohls, shorts from a random Chinese-owned clothing store, belt is self-made (I have a DIY video on it), shoes is Nine West but purchased at ROSS Stores and finally, the bag I purchased from Target online (I really love the desigh of the bag. It is pleather and has a purse-like clutch design on the top.)]

I personally think this may be one of the best outfits I put together :D

Here is the video, followed by the DIY video for the bohemian belt:


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