16 February 2012

Valentine's Day - the day many love and many love to "hate"

So it's the month of  "LOVE" and I'm sure everywhere you look, you see RED, hearts and everything else commercially associated with love.

Now, I know that many people love this celebration, whilst many.... DON'T.

The latter for obvious reasons:

1) Being Single
2) Commercialization
3) The stance that every day should be a celebration of love

Now, this is MY perspective of the day. I think this day is about LOVE in general. That includes platonic love. If I were single, I would celebrate the day with any loved one. Loved one meaning a relative, friends or even a feline companion. Many people think the day is just about love between love partners. I don't agree with that. You can show your love for really ANYONE whom you love and appreciate. Am I starting to sound like a broken record?? Sorry, I just really can't stress the above enough because there is so much negativity surrounding this day, especially by people who are single. Come on, surely there is SOMEONE you love and can share the day with ;)

Now, this day HAS in fact become VERY commercialized and businesses thrive during this time. Exploitation is at it's peek. This is a very irritating fact but certainly one we can avoid. I found plenty of easy and cheap methods of making your own gifts to give to loved ones. And just because it's easy and cheap to make, doesn't mean it looks that. It actually looks better than many of the expensive gifts found at shops ( remember, they are raising their prices knowing ppl will buy it anyway ). You can find many tips for doing the above. And the bonus, you are putting time, effort, heart and soul into your gift. You are MAKING it. That person you giving it to will really know how special they are to you.

Love is something that should be shown everyday and not just one day, I agree. BUT, let me ask you this: Do you REALLY go the EXTRA mile for your loved ones EVERY single day? If no, that is completely understandable because come on, we all know that in this day and age, our lives are so hectic with work etc. We just don't have the time to do as we please. That is very unfortunate, yes. So what harm lies in celebrating this day. And no, it does not have to be the ONLY day you go that extra mile, but it can be one of the days you do it. And with the rest of the world celebrating love, you will be making a positive contribution to the world energy levels. Imagine everyone feeling love and transmitting that energy. This world is in such grave need of positive energy. The negative energy thrives too much.

So, with that, I hope everyone had and is going to have a beautiful Valentine's Day celebration!

Spread the love.

Here is one simple but beautiful and delicious DIY gift of love (for any day you feel like going that extra mile :] )

And, here are two "LOVE" inspired outfits: One casual, feat. Pink floral Forever 21 romper and the other a chic Going out outfit feat. a red high wasted skirt. For any day you feeling the "LOVE" :)

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