12 January 2012

Outfit | Silver Bodycon Dress

It was a few days till New Year's Eve and I had my Outfit for the night all planned out :

my new silver metallic Charlotte Russe dress.

I couldn't WAIT!

A masquerade ball at a local nightclub called The Airconditioned Lounge in San Diego, was on the cards!

But, as the day approached, I was talked into going to a house party instead. It just seemed to be the "wiser" option with the nightclubs closing at 2am, the time the party REALLY starts to rock!

Aaaaand, the risk of being on the road between a bunch of drunk new year crazed drivers (your own included) wasn't one I felt like taking. Only bummer was that my outfit needed to change.

Oh well, I thought, there will always be another night to rock my silver dress :D

Fortunately though, I didn't have to put much thought into what I could wear as an alternative because along with my silver dress, I got a whole bunch of other going out dresses when Charlotte Russe had a 50% off all dresses happy hour!

Here is the haul video in which I featured all the hotties I got:

Anyhoo, since, in the above video, I promised to do an Outfit of the night in the Pleather and Chiffon dress, I decided it's the one I'm going to dawn to the House Party. And to my pleasant surprise, we later found out that it was a White and Black themed party!

So my black little number fit the theme perfectly ( except for the lack of white. oh well ).

I knew I wouldn't have time to shoot the video on the actual night and the lighting would be off.  And, how would it inspire anyone if it were posted last minute anyway? So I shot the video two days prior.

 In the video, I feature a messy fishtail braid, black faux leather platforms, angel wing ear-rings, a short black blazer and scarf  with the dres. All of which I eventually did NOT end up wearing- except for the dress of course.

The outfit is definitely not restricted to NYE and can be worn on any night out! So, here is the video! 

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